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Radhe : Your Most Wanted Bhai Movie Review is here | TheMoviesflix Pro
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In a new video, Salman Khan expresses his hope that people appreciated Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai and that the film was worth the money they paid for it ?

Storyline :

Suspended police Radhe (Salman Khan) is summoned for a clean-up mission as Mumbai's young succumb to rampant drug misuse. But Radhe is up against Rana (Randeep Hooda), a fearsome new bandit who will stop at nothing to rule the city.

Salman Khan has declared that he put in more effort on Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai than any other film. Critics were harsh in their evaluations of the action thriller, which was released on Eid. Fans were underwhelmed as well, giving it a 1.8/10 on IMDb.

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Salman added in a new video featurette regarding the film's action, "We need to put on an event for them (audience). We need to know that when they leave the theatre, they believe their money was well spent.".

About the Movie

‘Radhe Your Most Wanted Bhai,' set solely in Mumbai, is a Salman Khan actioner that never tries to be anything else. Radhe is an encounter specialist who has completed 97 encounters and 23 transfers in the last ten years. Now that the city is under the control of a dangerous drug cartel, Radhe must make a comeback and kick some bad peoples. Radhe finds time to expend with his boss's sister Diya in between beating up evil men and rescuing lives (Disha Patani).

The majority of Radhe follows the expected lines for a standard big-budget Bollywood potboiler. The challenge for such films is to strike a balance between falling prey to clichés and providing some freshness while maintaining a high level of pleasure.

Of course, director Prabhudheva succumbs to numerous such temptations that threaten to wreck the plot, but the picture remains enjoyable in portions because to the unrelenting action and a formidable villain.

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While the film begins with a scene in which the bad guy is pounding up another crook, it quickly moves on to a series of action-packed encounter sequences between Salman and Randeep. Myeonghaeng and Anbariv's action choreography is primal, vicious, and filled with a lot of fighting scene.

Radhe : Your Most Wanted Bhai Movie Review is here | TheMoviesflix Pro
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There are, just too many diversions in the road. Disha Patani, the film's heroine, is one of them. Her track is practically counter-productive to the tale. She is the perfect eye-candy and adds plenty of glamour to the scenes, but she is the perfect eye-candy and adds plenty of glamour to the situations. Her character's naivety limits her ability to perform and dilutes the severity of the matter at hand. When it's time for song and dance, everything comes to a halt. The songs appear at the most inconvenient point in the movie. Sajid-title Wajid's track and Himesh Reshammiya's Dil De Diya featuring Jacqueline Fernandez stand out among them. The music in the background is loud, but it adds to the effect where it's needed.

When our leading man is carrying a punch, Prabhudheva relies largely on Salman's star power, style, and attitude to drive the narrative. However, we are left with filmy language, his mediocre chemistry with Disha Patani, and humourless interactions with Jackie Shroff, who portrays Salman's superior as a senior cop, beyond the action. Randeep Hooda's performance is slick and nasty, and he makes every second on screen count. There are a slew of additional villains in this gang that are simply loud and over-the-top. There is an attempt to inject comedy into this tough action film through conversation and circumstances, but it falls flat.

Although this isn't the most anticipated Bhai film, But die-hard Salman fans may find another reason to cheer him on.

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