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The Family Man Season 2 is Back Again With Tamil Star Samantha Akkineni

MoviesFlix | The Family Man Season 2. Samantha Akkineni, steals the show according to fans.

The Family Man Season 2 is Back Again With Tamil Star Samantha Akkineni
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After a long hiatus, Raj and DK's humorous but tragic Amazon sitcom, starring Manoj Bajpayee and Samantha Akkineni, returns. The wait is absolutely worth it.

Manoj Bajpayee reprises his role as Srikant Tiwari, a corporate drudge who is struggling to fit in. As his friend JK reminds him in an early scene, saving the world is no longer his duty. When his marriage begins to fall apart, Srikant turns to the one safe haven in his mental closet: his past job as a covert spy for a secretive government agency.

But it's personal this time. Srikant's intrigue is caught on the web as the Sri Lankan Tamil group draws up a plan for murdering India's Prime Minister and uses his teenage daughter as a bait to get him out.

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Plot Of The Movie

Season two continues Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK's admirable crusade of examining global and domestic crises from a humanitarian viewpoint. Raji, an indoctrinated rebel soldier tasked with carrying out the assassination, is at the centre of this experiment. Who knew a shot of Samantha Akkineni would be all it took to reignite interest in The Family Man's long-awaited second season, but there you have it.

About this Movie

The Family Man Season 2 is Back Again With Tamil Star Samantha Akkineni
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In this film, Raji is a fascinating character, and Samantha, who is cast against type, plays her with aplomb. Although she has a thick coat of brown makeup on her face, the actor depends on Raji's physique rather than more traditional techniques like words and facial emotions. In the period of a few minutes, she goes from a demure young woman to a ruthless killer, and her body language changes dramatically.

Samantha holds more than her own as the show's principal antagonist, as fearsome as Manoj Bajpayee is  and he is quite formidable, exercising practically every acting bone in his body. And what makes her journey so intriguing is the same thing that makes The Family Man so intriguing overall: the characters in this programme are driven by personal ambitions rather than plot requirements. Raji is a textbook ‘villain' in this aspect. As brainwashed as she is, she is mostly motivated by a desire to rectify the wrongs of her past  it's a mistaken sense of righteousness, but the best villains are heroes in their own minds, as the saying goes.

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And what one person considers a freedom fighter, another considers a terrorist. Srikant recognises this as he navigates another difficult political circumstance, armed with the knowledge that governments come and go, sentiments shift, but people remain people. This is a notion that the show championed in its first season, when it boldly asserted that domestic terrorism poses a greater threat than external adversaries.

It's practically a guarantee that any mainstream series created in India will elicit some type of criticism, but I'm not sure what the hoopla is about this time. Tandav, on the other hand, had only itself to blame for the craziness that ensued  the show wasn't enough to skate over the heads of low-IQ trolls  The Family Man, on the other hand, has plenty of humour and intellect. Srikant, self-aware to a fault, says, “If you shut up and perform your work, you'll receive a medal,” before delivering the punchline: “If you speak your opinion, you'll go to hell.”

But it's Raj and DK's lighthearted tone that distinguishes The Family Man from the dozens of other, more popular streaming series. Who doesn't like JK's pranks, such as when he asks a gruff coworker to massage some ointment on his back after a particularly memorable foot-race? Another scene features Srikant's daughter interrupting an emotional scene to inquire about the meaning of a Hindi term.

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