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MoviesFlix | Disney+ The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers Season 1 | Moviesflix Pro
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Storyline :

Evan's mother pushes him to build a new team of underdogs with the help of Gordon Bombay, the Ducks' original coach, when he fails to make the cut to join the now-powerhouse Mighty Ducks junior hockey club.

About The Movie :

More original Ducks will be brought back in future seasons of 'The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers,' and the show may go to Europe. In today's episode of the Disney+ original series The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers, several of the original hockey playing brats from The Mighty Ducks have a memorable reunion.

MoviesFlix | Disney+ The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers Season 1 | Moviesflix Pro
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While the new Mighty Ducks: Game Changers follows the same general plot as the original, it does so with a novel twist. The Mighty Ducks young squad has become champions in the 25 years after the last film, led by a nonsense approach and populated by kids with parents who purchase them personal trainers. When Alex (Lauren Graham) learns that her son Evan (Brady Noon of Good Boys) has been cut from the squad, she resolves to build a new squad of underdogs to take on the ducks and bring fun back to childhood sports. The blossoming new club decides to train in the decrepit Ice Palace, which is owned by former Ducks coach Gordon Bombay, although the grizzled old Bombay has retired from hockey decades ago.

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The team decides to kick out Alex after he becomes a demanding dad who is solely concerned in winning, as seen in last week's cliffhanger. In the first two minutes of this episode, that situation is addressed. She simply accepts their choice and walks away without saying anything. I couldn't believe how easily this issue was resolved in this episode. This has happened before, with episodes barely connecting and no consideration given to using a storey arc, except from the team finally playing "The Mighty Ducks."

While the first version focused on the over-competitiveness that may be found in child sports, the new version appropriately targets hockey parents and the leagues that allow them to do so. It also lessens the wrath of helicopter parents like Alex, who refuse to let their children make their own decisions or errors. Using cranky Bombay as a voice, writer Steven Brill, who wrote the original trilogy of films, can't help but add some "back in my day, kids were kids!" attitude.

MoviesFlix | Disney+ The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers Season 1 | Moviesflix Pro
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Of course, there's still a scrappy group of underappreciated kids banding together to make a name for themselves in "Game Changers," but unlike in "High School Musical: The Musical: The Series" or even Peacock's very clever "Saved by the Bell" revival, they're self-aware enough to cast themselves as such. Evan (Brady Noon), a motivated 12-year-old who joins a new team when the Ducks brutally let him loose, maintains, "We're the good ones." “Either the good folks prevail in the end, or we learn something about ourselves.

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On the one hand, this is merely postponing the inevitable; on the other, it allows the show to evolve into its own entity without being too engrossed in the past. While “Game Changers” may pique the interest of parents with lingering Bombay feelings, it is primarily intended towards their children. Graham's gung-ho Alex is a nice parental anchor, but the action is driven by Evan, Nick, and classmates such as reclusive gamer Koob (Luke Islam) and star Duck Sofi. The kids are a little too clever in the manner that most onscreen kids are, but they're still recognisably kids owing to some excellent acting from the young actors portraying them.

The major question with this series is how they'll get 10 episodes out of it. In an efficient 100 minutes, the original nailed practically all of the usual sports movie beats. Increasing it by three times does not appear to be worthwhile. What subplots may make this a series rather than a movie? It is uncertain for the first three episodes.

The original film received a similarly mediocre review at its first release but went on to become a classic, but I doubt Game Changers will follow in the footsteps of its predecessor.

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